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Emotional Storytelling with Twyla Jones

Jul 2, 2020

In this episode I speak with Robert J Hill on how and WHY to become an educator in the photography industry and the best way you can show up for your students to find success.

Robert is a photographer and business educator + coach in Portland, OR. He has 15 years of experience and seeks to be a changemaker within the photography industry. He is also the only person I have given money to in order to mentor me, so I obviously trust him!

If you have any interest in becoming an educator within the photography industry, you need his advice on mindset, heart, and intentions. There were so many powerful takeaways, so I hope you tune in and soak it all up!

We cover all things photography education:

  • How to find your why as an educator
  • Teaching people to find their own style
  • Self care and boundaries as creative entrepreneurs
  • Fulfilment + seeing transformations as a teacher

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“For anyone who wants to be an educator, the question of “why” is a huge thing to answer.”


“The biggest impact isn’t going to come from the most surface level thing.”


“We have this infinite depth to us as individuals and my path has been how deep can I go in that to affect change from a root level in individuals so that changes the way that they operate their business and life on a surface level in a really dramatic way.”


“Your business is just as much a work of art as your images are.”


“You can only take care of others to the degree you take care of yourself.”


“Are you quitting to avoid something or are you quitting to gain something?”


“The minute we start to sacrifice ourselves, our family, our relationships – that sort of thing – for our business and being an entrepreneur, that’s kinda the trap we’re all trying to make sure that we aren’t falling into.”


“If you’re dealing with fear, the one thing that will eradicate fear is preparation.”


“The amount of money you’re going to make is going to be determined by how effective you are in your business.”


“The being is always going to affect the doing.”


“You can go and hustle your way to 100,000 dollars, but is that going to be sustainable? And is that going to be making an impact that’ll help your business grow and expand moving forward?”


“If you can help someone not be insecure in front of your camera, you can create magic.”


“Does the educator see you, know you, and understand you?”