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Emotional Storytelling with Twyla Jones

Jul 2, 2020

In this episode featuring international wedding photographer Nicole Ashley we’ll be discussing how to use Instagram in an authentic way that converts fans into paying clients! In this real and raw conversation among fellow creatives and friends, we talk honestly about social media, the algorithm, and authenticity online. If you’ve ever felt annoyed or burned out by Instagram and need a refreshing perspective, you’re in the right place.

About Nicole:

Nicole is an international portrait and wedding photographer based out of Alberta, Canada. With an unparalleled work ethic and passion for the craft, she’s an artist to her core. Her work has been recognized all over the world and in 2019 and 2018, she was named the world’s best wedding photographer. 

In this episode, we cover everything Instagram including:

  • How the algorithm has changed
  • Being true to yourself and your personality online
  • The pressure to post in certain ways
  • Posting old work
  • Managing time on social media
  • The secret sauce for an increase of engagement
  • Verification on Instagram

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Quotes that inspired me:

“I don’t think having a big number is everything.” 


“There are so many brilliant artists out there who are introverts and they find social media daunting because they think they have to put on a show or they think they have to have all these loud reasons to get attention, but I argue that it’s not the case, it’s just tailoring it for what works for you. More than anything, people are good at sensing bullshit and if someone’s being authentic or not or if they’re putting on a facade to get followers and whatnot.” 


“Just saying it how it is, is enough to be engaging to me.”


“Whether you are wanting to take a break, planning for a family, or have something else going on in your life that will take you away from that hustle of photography – you can always pick it up and start again… it’s not like if you stop, it disappears.”


“I am very much so someone who posts when I feel like it. That’s when I get the best response.” 


“If I’m not in the right headspace, I just won’t post.”


“If you’re going to share and post, you have a responsibility to engage back.” 


“You need to exist in your photos as well.”