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Emotional Storytelling with Twyla Jones

Jul 21, 2020

Would you like to add filmmaking to your skillset? Are you overwhelmed at the thought of learning something entirely new? As my guest will tell you, it’s easier than you think to get started creating incredible films for your clients and you likely already have all the gear you need!

Sarah Krieg is a Branding and Lifestyle photographer/filmmaker out of Southern California who is passionate about honest storytelling. This year Sarah has created over 100+ videos for families & brands, plus launched her parenting docu-series MoM for IGTV and Buzzfeed. Sarah is a lover of bad puns, good coffee, beautiful light & belly laughs and, of course, all things video.

In this interview, Sarah will tell you how she got her start, the simple gear setup you need to make films, where she finds inspiration and will motivate you to get started today!

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Highlights and references from this episode:

Obviously we have to start with a throwback to Sarah’s other life as a GLAMAZON

The incredible collaboration with her kids to make this beautiful layflat that we talked about in the show!

Get all the goods from Sarah:

Recommended gear for filmmaking

The ‘beautiful tea’ video of a London Fog

Sarah’s recent work for brands: HuggiesBogota

Sample of Sarah’s lifestyle family work

One of Sarah’s favorite personal family films

Her AMAZING Filmmaking for Photographers course (that I have personally taken and learned SO MUCH from!)

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