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Emotional Storytelling with Twyla Jones

Oct 28, 2020

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Think you need an expensive college education to be successful? Self Portrait Queen Chinelle Rojas and I discuss how our college experience let us down and that pursuing your passion on your own time can lead to far greater success and fulfillment.

Chinelle also discusses some of her incredible self portrait series including this one featuring the beauty and versatility of food commissioned by Fuji Film.

Tune in to find out how Chinelle creates her incredible self portrait images with minimal gear and props (I mean she used groceries and an off white wall for that food series!!!), how she navigated from 4 time college dropout to a Fuji Film X-Photographer (congrats!!) and balances homeschooling children while doing all of this and more.

People make careers posting on social media. That's what we tell our kids all the time. It's like, okay, you enjoy watching movies. Oh, you enjoy building with Legos or whatever it is that you enjoy doing. You could turn that into a career. If you choose, you could keep it as a hobby if you want, but know that you have the possibility to turn whatever you're passionate about into your full time job.

-Chinelle Rojas

See more of Chinelle’s work on her website and follow her on instagram.

Support Chinelle's work by purchasing from her printshop, learn more from her by signing up for her Self Portrait Class, grab her incredible Melanted Presets, and check out her merch shop.

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