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Emotional Storytelling with Twyla Jones

Nov 3, 2020

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Teri (she/her) describes herself as a body image coach and boudoir photographer, but she does SO much more! Join us as we discuss how our own body image affects our client work, rejecting the idea of Photoshopping ourselves and our clients, and how educating ourselves and our clients about the psychology of body image can change lives.



Like I've been wanting to make all these changes, but I was afraid of maybe I wouldn't be making money. Well, shit, I wasn't making money anyway, because of the pandemic. So now's the time to throw caution to the wind and take a fucking chance on something. And everything's already chaotic and up in the air, let's just go for it and start making these changes.

-Teri Hofford


We go deep talking about how we both love to just get shit done right away when we have big ideas, and discuss our CliftonStrengths (you can take a quiz here, if you don't already know yours!)

"The best thing you can do as an entrepreneur or a business owner or somebody that just maybe feels like they're different from people that love a nine to five job, the more you can become self-aware and understand that the things about you are not problems - they just weren't meant for a standardized world, the better off you're going to be, to build systems that actually help you flourish instead of trying to fit yourself into what you think it should be." - Teri Hofford

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