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Emotional Storytelling with Twyla Jones

Dec 17, 2020

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"Maybe you're shooting manual on your digital camera, but if you shot with a film camera, would you really know how to shoot in manual?"

Who out there has a gorgeous old manual film camera sitting around, and has been too intimidated to dive in? Twyla and Jessica ask and answer all of the essential questions to get you going! Jessica also talks about tracking her monthly mood scale to maximize efficiency and be able to work on projects at optimal times, automation, time management, why outsourcing isn't always the answer, and all of the business goodies.

Jessica is truly a force of nature, who runs a successful YouTube channel, workshops, has an epic online presence in Instagram reels, and on and on. We all have the same number of minutes and hours in a day - but Jessica shares some great ways that she really maximizes her time and efforts.

If you're stressing about how to do it all and adapt to the constantly changing features in social media and how to get yourself out there, you need to pause, and just listen for a minute. It's not about perfection - it's about knowing your audience and just getting started. This episode is packed with tips on everything from where to get your film developed to production values for various forms of online video and reels.  Have your notebook ready for this one!

You have to have the right attitude going in, because then that's going to trickle into the kind of content you're going to put out there and the effort you're going to put in.

-Jessica Whitaker

Jessica is everywhere you want to be. Check out her Facebook page, her Build + Bloom page, her website, her instagram, and her YouTube.

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