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Emotional Storytelling with Twyla Jones

Oct 21, 2020

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This episode is a trip. 

I discuss and argue with Ryan Muirhead about the struggles artists face using social media to promote themselves and get their work seen while also battling what the superficial numbers can do to your self worth and how they can even drive the direction or your work.

Although Ryan was determined to make this interview a train wreck, I’m happy to let you know I found tremendous value in everything he had to share. I really look forward to hearing what YOU took from this episode and how it might change the way you view your relationship between creating and sharing the work that matters most to you.

“And it's so fun to believe that the side we've chosen is the right one.

I'm really fascinated with that too, that I think you would find very few people who aren't the hero of their own story. Like we just need to be, to keep going. And so then you find all the people that are the heroes of their own story that agree with you. And then you just form your tribe of people that are right and know that capitalism's terrible. And I know that advertising makes me sick and I know that film's better than digital and I just sit and marinate in those beliefs.

But if I had been born as a different person, I would believe exactly what they believe. I know I would. It's just so fun to sit and feel our feels and feel the cosmic truth of them.

And then to think that these are so insanely subjective and it trips me out because I don't know how to be anything else other than what I am. Yeah. I can hear you and feel the truth of things for me. And then I can also feel that if I was a different person, I wouldn't feel them at all.”

-Ryan Muirhead

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